You need a custom database solution!
Database Software Design
A custom database will put a single copy of each piece of information in a central location,
eliminating multiple/similar copies which are frequently maintained by different people.
Reports are generated from the database on demand, with the specific information you need.
A custom database solution...
  • Allows all users to maintain their
    information in a central location
    and access it from wherever needed
  • Allows everyone to view up-to-date
    information in the format they need
    ...without waiting
  • Assures that your valuable information
    can be conveniently backed up
Common Problems with Spreadsheets
    Costly-Excess Labor
  • Maintain multiple spreadsheets with
    much of the same information
  • Identify errors and resolve discrepencies
    between different spreadsheets
    containing the same information

  • Impossible to do
  • Combine and view data in various
    formats without creating more
  • Edit data in a single spreadsheet by multiple users simultaneously

  • Difficult to do
  • Control who has access to
    specific information
  • Provide remote access and updating capabilities

  • Risky
  • Data is maintained on individual users' computers and often not backed up