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A Long History of Solutions for our Clients

Since our early days as Denny Johnson Consulting, we have been a small technology consulting firm, providing services nationwide. Our philosophy of doing whatever we can to help our clients has always led to a solid understanding of their business needs. The result has been many long-term relationships with some really great clients.

Unfortunately, we no longer take on new technical projects. Denny's focus today is on consulting with and mentoring small businesses and start-ups, managing our own Internet projects, and supporting a few long-time clients.
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Brent Lamascus Allegro Credit
"Denny has always been able to think from the customer's point of view and ease of use to create a friendly user experience. I will always rely on SOFTRITE for all aspects of our future projects, even as a sounding board."
Allegro Credit
Bill Graham Lennar
"Denny and his group at SOFTRITE Technology were a strong asset to my company when we needed technical support for our IT needs. Denny and his team were extremely responsive to our needs."
Noelia E. Moreno Moralmar Kitchen Cabinets
"Due to your efforts and your ability to see the big picture, we not only met our time deadline for having an operational program, but were also within our budget. We are so pleased with our system. Thank you Denny for understanding our needs."
Moralmar Kitchen Cabinets
J. Thomas Stafford Yamaha

"Denny designed and developed a program that the Yamaha dealer network uses when a retail finance contract is written, which resulted in faster funding of the dealer proceeds.

Thanks, Denny for all the wonderful years of service."

Yamaha Music Finance

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Our History at a Glance

 1985 Denny Johnson Consulting formed in Orlando
 1984 Denny begins by doing part-time consulting for Comlumbia Data Products
 1985 Homebuilder Backlog Management Database developed for Richmond American Homes
 1989 Lennar Homes licenses Homebuilder Backlog Management Database corporate-wide
 1991 Ambassador Database Marketing Software is developed and is distributed by Concepts in Sales
 1992 Contract Preparation Software is developed for Yamaha for distribution to dealer network
 1992 Ambassador Database Marketing Software implemented for
Digital Equipment Corp
 1993 Denny Johnson Consulting incorporates and becomes
System Engineering Services, Inc
 1994 Developed Long Term Software Plan for Nickelodeon
 1995 Greentree Financial selects
Contract Preparation Software
for distribution to their dealer network
 1996 System Engineering Services, Inc becomes
SOFTRITE Technology, Inc
 1997 Ambassador Database Marketing Software implemented in
5 divisions of Lennar Homes
 1997 Job Tracking Software is developed for
Moralmar Kitchen Cabinets
 1997 First website is developed for Lennar Homes
 1998 John Deere Credit selects
Contract Preparation Software for distribution to their dealer network
 1998 Windows version of
Homebuilder Backlog Management Database
is developed for Brighton Homes
 1999 Allegro Acceptance selects Contract Preparation Software for distribution to dealer network
 1999 SOFTRITE begins managing
Sales Office Automation
implementation for
Lennar Homes
 1999 Implemented Homebuilder Backlog Management Database for
Park Square Homes
 2000 Corporate website developed for Columbia Data Products
 2001 Windows version of Contract Preparation Software developed for
Allegro Acceptance
 2001 Created version of
Contract Preparation Software
for Bank of America
 2001 Denny appointed to the
board of advisors for
Columbia Data Products
 2002 Buyer Website Portal developed
for Park Square Homes
 2003 SOFTRITE begins providing
onsite system support services
for 10 divisions of Lennar Homes and 4 divisions of U.S. Homes
throughout Florida
 2004 Allegro Acceptance selects SOFTRITE to develop new corporate website with online
credit application processing
for dealer network
 2004 SOFTRITE begins managing the
implementation of a new
Warranty Service Management System for Lennar Homes
 2005 SOFTRITE contracted for
Denny to manage the
Information Technology group
at Park Square Homes
 2006 Online Internet-based version of Contract Preparation Software
is developed for
Allegro Acceptance
 2006 Implemented Homebuilder Backlog Management Database for
Engineered Homes
 2007 Developed Collaboration Database for
Columbia Data Products
 2007 Created Corporate Website for
Viera Builders including
integration with our
Homebuilder Backlog Management Database
 2008 Developed Service Billing
and A/R System for
Darryl Johnson Landscaping and Pest Control
2008 - 2013
As the recession grew, SOFTRITE experienced a 90% loss of revenue due to client concentration in the Homebuilding and Financial industries.
While Denny continued to provide software maintenance and support to existing clients as needed, his main focus turned to Management Consulting for Voxeo - a local tech company.
Voxeo was acquired by Aspect in 2013. Denny assisted with the transition, but then once again began to concentrate on SOFTRITE. Since then, his main focus has been on advising and mentoring other small businesses and startups, and developing the tinyTowable website with related social media marketing.
 2014 Developed Database Software
for Logitech (Lifesize division)
to analyze and manage
follow-up to
Customer Survey responses
 2014 Developed Class and Student Management Database for Truthful Acting Studios
 2015 Denny becomes chief advisor to the CEO of Columbia Data Products, focusing on
Customer Experience for
new Product Development
 2015 Contracted by Logitech (Lifesize division) to develop new Quote Request Software for partners
 2015 Denny becomes key advisor on Business and Product Development to Riptide on the Serve Anywhere project
 2016 Developed software and created customer self-service kiosks to display floorplans and elevations for Viera Builders
 2016 Developed
A new project to begin shifting SOFTRITE's focus away from providing technical services
 2016 Denny starts volunteering to provide small business Mentoring and Teach Classes for SCORE (non-profit)
 2017 Denny starts volunteering to provide start-up business Mentoring for Startup Studio startup accelerator (non-profit)
 2020 Relocated to Knoxville, TN

Denny Johnson

A note from our founder...

After a long career in small business, I have semi-retired. As a result, I have been winding down SOFTRITE's technical services the last few years and we are no longer pursuing new software and IT projects. I'm now spending more of my time as a mentor and advisor to the founders of other small businesses, startups, and pre-startups. Please check out to learn more. You can also contact me from that site.